Staff… at our CJCC can create an Outreach opportunity and earn 2  “dress down” coupons from our CD. Cathy Williams.   Idea courtesy of our very own, buyer.  Ms. Streeter.

Flint Genesee Job Corps Student Government Association (SGA) President and the Medical Administrative Assistant Instructor participated in the City of Flints Juneteenth event held downtown among various other organizations and sponsors.  For outreach purposes, a table displaying Flint Genesee and contact information was set up with various documents and brochures to share with community attendees.  [...]

Ten students from the Flint Genesee Job Corps Center showed off their art skills, participating in the New McCree Theathers Community Art Blast.  Students amazing artwork was displayed on the Theathers website for viewing from Flint’s public.  Each student participant received a Certificate of Participation from the Executive Director, a gift card, copy of website [...]

Three students in the painting trade from Flint Genesee refreshed the interior of the Winds of Restoration Ministries Church after inquiry from the pastor to instructor if it could actually be done.  Because of prior restrictions of COVID, most off center projects had been temporary cancelled and just revised.  With special permission the students did [...]

The SGA Officers at the Jacksonville Job Corps Center was treated to a special appreciation dinner for all the hard work these students have done to keep student morale high at the JJC. The officers were treated to a special dinner featuring “Italian Food”. It was a great opportunity to say “thank you” for these [...]

Spotlight On Excellence

July 5th, 2022

Jacksonville Job Corps Center Success Story! Ms. Rivera Mew enrolled in the Jacksonville Job Corps Center on March 4, 2019. She remarks that “at 19 years old, I was doing everything to go in the wrong direction. I thought I knew everything about everything, but I figured out fairly quickly that I did not. I [...]

The Student Government Association at the Jacksonville Job Corps Center hosted a weekend activity for the students. Students were treated to “A Movie Under The Stars”. SGA officers provided drinks and stacks for the students so that students could view movies on a large TV screen outdoors. The majority of the students participated and was [...]

It’s officially summer, and the heat is on. With temperatures starting to climb as high as three digits, some Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center students are starting to sweat – especially after a long day in their trade instruction. Luckily, staff are coming to the rescue. Staff members of Whitney’s finance and human [...]

New leadership is rising at Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center. The center has named Nicholas Duvall as new director, effective July 5. Before serving as center director, Duvall was Whitney’s social development director, overseeing its dormitories and recreational programs. Duvall has also served as acting center director, running the campus when previous directors [...]

New job, new home, more money and more goals being checked off the list, which shining star could possibly be accomplishing all of this in such grace and style? That honor belongs to our wonderful C.N.A graduate Leslie Ortega. Since Leslie has graduated from the program she has been keeping the grind in overdrive. She [...]